Fishbowl: A Novel Review


  • A goldfish named Ian is falling from the 27th-floor balcony on which his fishbowl sits. He’s longed for adventure, so when the opportunity arises, he escapes from his bowl, clears the balcony railing and finds himself airborne. Plummeting toward the street below, Ian witnesses the lives of the Seville on Roxy residents. There’s the handsome grad student, his girlfriend, and the other woman; the construction worker who feels trapped by a secret; the building’s super who feels invisible and alone; the pregnant woman on bed rest who craves a forbidden ice cream sandwich; the shut-in for whom dirty talk, and quiche, are a way of life; and home-schooled Herman, a boy who thinks he can travel through time.
  • Though they share time and space, they have something even more important in common: each faces a decision that will affect the course of their lives. Within the walls of the Seville are stories of love, new life, and death, of facing the ugly truth of who one has been and the beautiful truth of who one can become. Sometimes taking a risk is the only way to move forward with our lives. As Ian the goldfish knows, “An entire life devoted to a fishbowl will make one die an old fish with not one adventure had.” Bradley Somer’s Fishbowl is at turns funny and heartbreaking and you will, no doubt, fall in love with his unforgettable characters.

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“I read this for a book club. I wouldn’t have selected it on my own. The author clearly wants the reader to know that he’s smart. He uses language that calls a lot of attention to itself and tends to be very redundant. The story is nice, but predictable.” By Maia Burns

“A sweet, enjoyable story. As Ian the goldfish plummets toward the sidewalk we learn about the secrets and hopes of the tenants of his apartment building. By the end, we find we care about them and wish them well.” By Susan Hall

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Author: Bradley Somer
Audible Audio Edition
Kindle Price: Hardcover $16.14, Paperback $15.99, Audible $0.00, MP3 CD $9.99
Listening Length: 8 hours and 54 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Audible Studios Release Date: September 15, 2015
Language: English
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2709 in Books